How to use Search within Folder for Google Drive

search within folder help pageSearch within folder for Google Drive will let you enable a way to search files directly within a Drive folder. No need to search in the whole Drive search only in the right folder. Search within folder works as a standalone application and is also integrated with Drive as a 3rd application.

Install Search within Folder

To install search within folder go to « Connect more apps » menu under the « New » button and search for « Search within folder ».

add search within folder in your 3rd apps of drive

You can also install directly from the Chrome Web Store listing : Search within folder on chrome web store.

Search for your files directly in Google Drive

When you are in your Drive just right click on the folder you want to search files within. Then go to « Open with » menu and select « Search within folder ».

open search within folder from drive

Then you will be redirected to the Search within Folder application. Once search within folder opened you can enter your query and run your search. As you can see in the print screen below the folder is already selected, you just have to enter your query.

result in search within folder

Once query performed result are displayed n the screen.

Use as a standalone application

Go to your Chrome apps page (see this article) and open Search within Folder.

chrome apps page

Then select your folder by clicking on the « change » button.

change folder in search within folder

After run your query by typing the keyword in search box.

Easier search with our extension

Integration of Search within Folder in the 3rd apps of Drive facilitate search but sometimes it is easier to just have to click on a button. That is why we also developed an extension to let you run your query when you are in the folder.

First install the extension : install extension search within folder.

After installation, you will get a folder button added to the Drive interface :

extension search within folder

Now when you will browse your folder in the Drive Interface you will be able to run a query in the current folder directly from the Drive interface.

search within folder extension details

To use extension browse your drive, when you are located in the right folder just enter your query in the search box of drive and with your mouse click on the Search within Folder button. Be careful to not click on enter when you finish to enter your query.

Video tutorial

All the details in the video below.

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  1. Ihor Staruch
    avril 21, 2017

    I have connected the app with my Google Drive, but get only an empty page when I call for it with right click

    • steph
      avril 25, 2017


      May be random issue, just tested and it is ok for me. Can you try again ?



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