E-mail Monitoring

E-mail monitoring

for G Suite™

Silently monitor a gmail user inbox of your domain to identify inappropriate usages.

Monitor a user mailbox of your domain

You can monitor an inbox of your domain for 30 days and get informed at any draft created, email sent and received.

print screen email monitoring


Check how to install and use Email monitoring in the video.

For testing purpose you will be able to monitor inboxes for 30 minutes in free version. To monitor for long time move to paid version.

When the monitored inbox receive, send or create a draft, an email with a text file attached will be send to the auditor.


  • Test version

  • Monitoring time30 mins for testing
  • Free

  • Paid version

  • Monitoring time30 days
  • 50$ or 50€ *

*In app payment

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