for Google Driveâ„¢

Share files with anyone

Add password protection

Get analytics on usage

Best way to share files from your Google Drive with anyone

Generate a custom link and use it in your own emails.

Share your file right from your Drive by using the menu "Open with" when you right click on file(s).

open ezTransfer from Google Drive

Your file remain secure in your Drive, no need to share them publicly with automatic expiration date up to 30 days

send files with ezTransfer

You know when your contact click to download files

First time your contact open the link to download files you get an email notification.

You can keep track to know when your files are really downloaded.

email notification when contact go to download page
track file opened with ezTrasnfer, dasboard view

Track download and much more

In your dashboard for all transfers you can check :

  • when your contact click on the link
  • if the transfer is still active
  • when files are downloaded
  • And more


During beta all options are free

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