Share files from Google Drive with friends

Google Drive is a powerful tool for storing files and access it from anywhere. You can share your files to people with a Google Account but if you share files to friends without a Google Account you have to make them available publicly with the link. And once downloaded most of the time the files remain accessible for all the time. With ezTransfer you can share your files and define time they will remain active.

Share files with ezTransfer

For sharing your files you just have to install ezTransfer application on the Chrome Web Store (link) and then it will create a new entry in the « Open with » menu of Google Drive.

open ezTransfer from Google Drive

Then enter email of recipient with a message or not and click on « Send File(s) » Button.

send files with ezTransfer

Why ezTransfer is different

To share your files with ezTransfer we don’t turn them publicly available, they remain private and safe in your Drive.

We don’t store a copy of the files, the container of the files remain Google Drive.

Your files are shared for a limited period of time, by this way we avoid infinite public sharing.

For advanced use, ezTransfer allow you to get analytics on the files you shared. Once your contact open the download page, you receive an email and you can track download and page open in a dedicated dashboard. Now with ezTransfer you share your files but you really know if they are used !

track file opened with ezTrasnfer, dasboard view

What’s the magic

When you install ezTransfer you grant a read access to our download web app for the files you open with our app in Google Drive. Then when your contact go to download your file(s) we just provide a temporary access for downloading the chosen file and that’s all. Our download app can’t provide an access to any other files from your drive, we just make the link for the files you opened with our application.

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