Migrate emails in Google Workspace with onleemigration

In Google Workspace you have the default data migration service that can help you to migrate emails. As a Google Workspace administrator you have 2 options :

Google Workspace Data Migration, Gmail or Workspace

You can use Google Workspace or Gmail option, as of today April 2022 only Gmail Works… And with Gmail you can migrate data but only exclude some labels.

Here come onleemigration

We built onleemigration to allow you to migrate emails from a Gmail Inbox to another Gmail Inbox or to a Google Groups and you can also select to migrate just a part of the mailbox.

To migrate only some elements of the mailbox you just have to enter the Gmail search query you want to migrate the emails related to it.

  • You want to migrate email received from a person just enter : from:emailoftheperson@domain.com
  • You want to migrate a label to a Google Groups or a Mailbox enter : label:YOUR_LABEL
  • Tips, for a label with multiple word don’t forget the hyphen ‘-‘, example label:backup-project-delta
onleemigration print screen

As you can enter any search query like in Gmail you can migrate just a selected part of the emails. This is really powerfull in order to not transfer sensitive emails. If you forget to exclude some private emails it can be a problem, with onleemigration you will migrate only relevant emails.

Migrate email to a Google Groups

We also know that sometimes it is needed to archive emails and provide an access to them to some users but using a Google Account will consue your licences and will have a cost.

With onleemigration you will be able to migrate emails to a Google Groups, this is really convenient as Google Groups are free and you can add multiple people in access.

Let say, you need to provide access to emails received from a clients by a sales guy that leave the company. Use onleemigration to migrate just the relevant emails by using a Gmail Search Query and migrate emails to a Google Groups. Then add the manager and the new sales guy as Group member, they will have acces to emails without providing a full mailbox access.

Migrate all the mailbox

With onleemigration you can also migrate the full mailbox to another one or a Google Groups. The application has been designed to work with multiple use cases.

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