How to use ezVersions for Google Docs

help for ezVersionsezVersions is our application to help you manage versions of your document right in the source file.

Stop creating copy of your file to backup versions of your document, do that simply with ezVersions !!!

Install ezVersions for Google DocsTM

To install ezVersions search for « ezVersions » in the Add-on store or go directly to the listing by following this link : install ezVersions.

Help for ezVersions

Once installed got to the Add-on menu and open ezVersions

open ezversion in a google document

In the Add-on you will have access to the previous versions you saved and to save a new one you just have to enter a name and click on « Save ».

Access your versions in ezVersions

Now for each version you can :

  • Save version as a pdf
  • Save version as a word file (docx)
  • You will be able to restore the version by simply clicking on restore button

You can save how many versions you want in the Add-on.

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