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Sharing Google Workspace account is not recommended by Google but we know that sometimes you need to share an account in order to manage emails or access some Google files. When comes to share a Google Workspace account it is most of the time by sharing the email and passoard and this is not secure.

Here comes onleePass a new way to share your Google Workspace account.

Share Google Accounts with onleePass

onleePass is a Google Workspace application available on the Google Workspace Marketplace that let you centrally manage the account sharing with 2 steps enabled. onleePass will add 2 main capabilities in your account Sharing process :

Governance : As an administrator you can setup which account to share and add the users that will be able to use the sahred account.

Security : By enabling the double authentication the account is shared with multiple users but you add a second security layer by using the 2 steps.

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Easy access for end users

For end users access to shared mailbox is really easy, no need to ave information in a spreadsheet or a Google Keep, they just need to open onleePass and they instaly have access to the shared account and they can connect instantly.

What do onleePass ?

onleePass will let you setup the 2 steps with the Google Authenticator code (view documentation) and share the access with people of your domain.

When a user want to connect onleePass will generate the one time password and if requested will generate a new password.

In background onleePass will also change the recovery email if a secuity check is performed by Google to point to the email of the current user that want to signin.

In conclusion, while account sharing may not be ideal for security reasons, OnleePass offers a solution that can help mitigate the risks associated with it. With OnleePass, managing shared accounts becomes easier and more secure, allowing you to focus on your work without worrying about potential security breaches. So, if you’re looking for a way to share accounts more securely with governance, OnleePass is definitely worth considering.

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