Change owner of a Google Drive Folder our new Add-on

You can easily change the owner of a file or a group of files in Drive but if you want to change the owner of a Google Drive folder for all files and subfolders you have to perform multiple actions. We made a new Google Sheets Add-on that will allow you to make the change of owner in one click.

Install folder owner change

Go to the Add-on page and click on « Free » to install it.

addon store page folder owner chnage


Folder owner change will allow you to :

List all files and subfolders of a folder.

Change in one click owner of all the files and subfolders.

Paid version

The Add-on is free and you can use it with no limit. Standard behavior of owner change for a file generate a notification email to the new owner. For this reason if you change the owner of 200 files the user will receive 200 emails.

Paid version of Folder Owner Change will allow you to send one digest email at the end of the process without the 200 emails.

Get Folder Owner Change

Go the Add-on store : Link >>

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  1. Todd Cave
    mars 03, 2016

    Great app. Is there a way you could set it to run automatically?


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