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Juin 15, 2017 steph 0 comments ezTransfer
Share Google Drive files with Password protection

We are happy to bring the password protection feature to ezTransfer and allow during beta any users to share files from the Drive with a password protection. As usual ezTransfer allow you to share your Dive files securely to anyone on internet but now you can add a second protection layer with password. 

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Introducing paid plan for ezNotifications for Docs

ezNotifications for Docs is moving to freemium by introducing a paid plan for using the advanced features. If you use ezNotifications to get notified when someone change elements in your documents, nothing will change for you.

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Mar 21, 2017 steph 0 comments ezTransfer
Share files from Google Drive with friends

Google Drive is a powerful tool for storing files and access it from anywhere. You can share your files to people with a Google Account but if you share files to friends without a Google Account you have to make them available publicly with the link. And once downloaded most of the time the files remain accessible […]

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How to be alerted when a Google Docs title is changed ?

When you share your documents with some people with edit rights they are able to collaborate but also change the name of the file. This can be confusing for you because you will look for a title which no longer exist. But now with ezNotifications for Google Docs you will be able to be alerted […]

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Big update on Folder Team Notifications

Folder Team Notifications is our app which allow you to monitor folder change and send emails to your colleagues when there are modifications. Previously we added the Time Zone support and now we come back with 2 new features requested by our users. Folder Team Notifications is migrating to onleenotification. To get notified of changes […]

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Change owner of a Google Drive Folder our new Add-on

You can easily change the owner of a file or a group of files in Drive but if you want to change the owner of a Google Drive folder for all files and subfolders you have to perform multiple actions. We made a new Google Sheets Add-on that will allow you to make the change […]

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