Introducing paid plan for ezNotifications for Docs

paid plan eznotifications for docsezNotifications for Docs is moving to freemium by introducing a paid plan for using the advanced features. If you use ezNotifications to get notified when someone change elements in your documents, nothing will change for you.

ezNotifications is migrating to onleenotification. To get notified of changes in a Google Documents or any files in your Google Drive install onleenotification : click to install.

Paid plan will be for advanced users who use collaboration/owner features, i.e. notify editors, readers and renaming alert.

The paid plan will help us to maintain and improve the application. To use the advanced feature the license will cost 7$ or 7€ per year. This is a planned change in the application. The FAQ below will answer most of your questions.

What happens if I don’t buy a license ?

Nothing will change, you will receive notifications as previously and you will be able to create new personal notifications on any documents.

What happens for the documents with the advanced features activated ?

Nothing will change, advanced features will remain active. Starting next week you will not be able to activate these features on new documents and update settings on previous documents.

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How works billing ?

We don’t create recurring payments, each years you will be prompted to update your licensing.

Can I buy multiple licenses for my G Suite Domain ?

Please contact us on this form, link.

What are the others ezNotifications applications ?

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Comments (2)

  1. lilly
    août 06, 2017

    so by paying what changes is that other people will be able to see what you edited and will get notifications for it- and not just you?

    • steph
      août 07, 2017


      By putting the license you will be able to use options to notify others editors and readers.

      These users can use the extension as well but the options are just for paid users.



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