How to use Send To for Google Drive

help send to for google driveSend To for Google DriveTM will let you send files directly from Google Drive. Select your files in Drive and then select Send To to create a draft in Gmail.

Install Send To

For installing « Send To » application, go to the « Connect more apps » menu in the « NEW » button of your drive, then search for « Send To« .

add send to in your 3rd apps of drive

You can also go to the Chrome Web Store listing directly : Send To on Chrome Web Store.

The whole process for installing the application can be seen on this video.

Send your first file

To send one file just right click on a file, like a Google Sheets or a Word file. Then go to « Open With » menu and select « Sent To ».

Send on efile with send to

Send multiple files with Send To

This is really the most interesting part of the application because you will be able to select multiple files directly in your Google Drive and send them in a Draft of your Gmail.

To select multiple files in Drive you can :

  • Hold left click of the mouse and then select files.
  • Hold Ctrl key on the keyboard and then lick on files you want to send.

Everything is explain in the video below :

Like for sending one file, go to the « Open With » menu and select « Send To » and we will attach files selected to a Draft in you Gmail.

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