Install and access our Chrome applications

Folder copy, Folder notifications are Chrome app it means you install them from the Chrome web store and you can access it after by the Chrome app launcher. Some of our apps like Folder copy are also available from the « Open with » menu of Drive. In this article we will review how to install and access our apps.

Note : For this article all print screen will be related to the Folder Copy app but this procedure is the same for all ezDrive apps.

Install chrome apps

On the Chrome listing page, if you not install our app when you will access the page you will have a button « Add to chrome ». Click on the button « Add to chrome »  :

install an app form the chrome web store

Then validate pop up :

pop to install app

Note 1 : You can see on the print screen a « Visit website » button. It is because our apps are web apps and you can access it directly by clicking on this button.

Note 2 : Be careful if you click on the visit website button and don’t install the app, you will not be able to access it after in the chrome apps page and you will not activate the drive integration for compatible apps.

Note 3 : If the application is already installed you seen a green button without the « Add to Chrome » button, see below :

app already installed in the chrome web store

Open installed applications

Applications are available from the Chrome Apps launcher you can access it :

1. by opening a new tab and clicking on the « Applications » button

open chrome apps tab

2. by going to « chrome://apps » page

chrome apps page

3. with the chrome launcher on the taskbar

chrome app launcher windows

Once you are on the chrome://apps page or in the launcher you can select any app you have installed. After you will be redirected to the page of the app.

Note : If yo have lot of apps installed be careful because yo will have 2 pages on the launcher and chrome apps page.

multiple page on the chrome apps page

Specific case of the 3rd party apps for Drive

Folder Copy, Search within Folder and Send to are standalone app but are also integrated with Google Drive. After installation these apps will be available in the open with menu fo Drive :

open with menu of drive

To access the « Open with » menu just right click on a file or folder and Drive will display applications compatible with the element selected. You can also select multiple differents files and right click to access the « Open with » menu.

Manage 3rd apps of Drive

When you install our app compatible with Drive from the Chrome Web Store they will automatically available in the « Open with » menu.

But you can also install this 3rd apps for Drive right from Google drive :

install 3rd apps on Googl Drive

To manage the 3rd apps and uninstall them, refer to this support page of Google.

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Comments (4)

  1. Daniel Schroeder
    juillet 13, 2017

    Can you kindly provide more details for G Suite users on how to enable / disable restrictions of unsecure apps (since these apps are not available through the marketplace)?!

    Or at least share the indepth details of setting / defining trusted sources, to enable as admin for G Suite.

    Thank you

    • steph
      juillet 20, 2017


      Google REvamping the access rights for third app this week and now we have to go in a process to reviex each application. We will apply to review our application in order to remove the top banner.

      We don’t have response time for accepting application from Google so we can’t give you a time frame.



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