What is ezDrive ?

We have developed several applications which extend capabilities of Google Drive and we propose them as a package. Instead of buying each applications one by one, you pay a yearly subscription and you get access to all our apps for Google Drive.

Discover the apps included in ezDrive


how to copy a google drive folder
Copy a Google Drive folder and all subfolders in one click.
how to receive notifictaion of change in a drive folder
Get notified of any changes within a Drive folders.
how to edit and print answers of google forms
Edit and print answers for Google forms
search files in a google drive folder
Search files within a Google Drive folder and subfolders.
remove user of all shared files
Remove access to all your files and folder for a specified user.
how to send file as attachment from google drive
Enable send to windows shortcut in your Drive.
folder owner change in ezdrive offer
Change owner of a Google Drive folder.