ezShared Contacts

for G Suite™

ezShared Contacts, the Google Sheets Add-Ons to manage shared contacts within a Google Apps domain.

Edit, modify & delete Shared Contacts of your domain

Manage shared contacts of your domain right from Google Sheets. Work on Spreadsheet as usually and update the data simply with our Add-On.

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Create, modify and delete shared contacts of your domain.


Edit job title, company, work phone, mobile phone, address, etc…

For Admin

For security reason this app is designed for super admin of the domain.


  • Free version

  • Retrieve all shared contacts
  • Edit, modify & delete20 actions*
  • Free

*You can do 20 modifications for testing

  • Paid version

  • Retrieve all shared contacts
  • Edit, modify & delete
  • 15$ or 15€ */user/an

*In app payment

Buy the 15$ or 15€ license right from the app after installing it.

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