How to be alerted when a Google Docs title is changed ?

get alert when docs title changeWhen you share your documents with some people with edit rights they are able to collaborate but also change the name of the file. This can be confusing for you because you will look for a title which no longer exist. But now with ezNotifications for Google Docs you will be able to be alerted when document title change.

Setup notification to be alerted when Google doc title change

First install the add-on from the add-on store : link.

Then in the add-on click to activate the option to get notified of docs name change :

eznotifications add-on to be alerted of title change

Important : This option is only accessible to owner of the document.

Do not forget to activate the add-on and that’s all. Now you will get notified about changes and you will receive an alert if the name of the file has been changed.

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